Learn Russian in a historical centre of the former Russian Empire with our full immersion program designed specially for English speakers!
Polyglot Group presents a 2-week full immersion program of Russian as a foreign language in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine - a historical centre of the former Russian Empire. You will have a chance to immerse yourself into a real Russian-speaking environment, where you will:

Learn Russian effectively and intensively with a language program designed specially for English speakers by professional linguists. We are aware of Crazy Russians and I will never learn this language remarks and have found a way to overcome such difficulties

Practice your language skills with native speakers in real-life situations

Learn a lot about the history of Russia, Ukraine and the Dnipropetrovsk region, visit famous sights of the Russian Tsar Dynasty and Cossacks, experience real Russian cultural and social life and get a feel of what this crazy Russia is all about

Why is our program effective?

Designed by professional linguists and teachers of Russian as a foreign language who are also qualified in teaching European languages

A format which lays out basic language structures in a clear and easy-to-remember way with the help of color algorithms. Result: each student comprehends the logic of the language, starts to construct grammatically correct sentences and builds up his or her vocabulary within a short period of time.

The most contemporary vocabulary instead of words and phrases from the Soviet time Russian textbooks or obsolete language of the 19th century books

The City
Dnipropetrovsk, a 1.5-million-people city situated on both sides of the river Dnieper is a lively, strikingly attractive cosmopolitan centre and is currently considered to be the business capital of Ukraine. It offers its visitors a very pleasant climate (a warm and sunny summer and a mild winter) with an exciting mix of big city activities and fabulous sights. Some of Ukraines greatest museums, art galleries, theatres and parks are located here. The citys architecture has a unique feature: although the buildings are quite contrasting sometimes (sky-scrapers rising among historic buildings), they all fit well and smoothly together. And love at first sight to Dnipropetrovsk starts with the longest embankment in Europe!
The history of the city will not leave its visitors bored. It was founded in 1776 (interestingly enough, the same year as the USA) and originally named Yekaterinoslav, literally "The glory of Yekaterina" (Catherine the Great). It was planned as a part the Russian Empires expansion into the lands north of the Black Sea known at that time as the Novorossiysk province. Since that time the historic events of the region have been tightly connected with Russia and the Russian language. Think only of duke Potyomkin, Yekaterinas favourite, who designed and supervised the construction of Dnipropetrovsk and was believed to have connections with evil spirits; or the unique society of Cossacks, whose social and military center Zaporizka Sich was located in this region on the banks of the Dnieper in the 18th century; or the relationship between Yekaterina and the Cossacks who swore to protect her in difficult times of war but were betrayed and destroyed by Potyomkin himself acting upon the empress order. And that is just to mention a few.

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